Exclusive Provider of The Dean Vaughn Total Retention System™ Series for Healthcare Education

Medical Terminology 350

Learn the basic design of medical terminology and how to easily remember, pronounce, and apply the meanings of 350 prefixes, roots, or suffixes that combine to form over 11,000 complex medical terms in as little as 14 hours with Dean Vaughn Total Retention SystemTM applied to Medical Terminology 350.

Designed for 100% retention, Medical Terminology 350 is the fastest and most effective method to learn medical terminology! It works in conjunction with the natural learning process of the brain by converting abstract medical elements into images of real and familiar objects – and then associating those images with the subject in such a way that it is incredibly easy to learn and remember.

Medical Terminology 350 is a video-based system of applied mnemonic instruction consisting of fourteen individual lessons, an Instructor Resource, and a Student Learning Guide. It is presently available for commercial license only to business enterprises, educational institutions, and government agencies.

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